Shk. Hamad Bin Khalid Al-Ahmed Al-Thani  was a distinguished member of the ruling family of the state of Qatar. Shk. Hamad’s family had other business interests in Qatar apart from their responsibilities as members of the ruling family. They had the sole distribution ship of Mercedes Vehicles in Qatar and also owned several other trading business.

Shk. Hamad Bin Khalid Bin Ahmed Al-Thani established Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company. after completing his education in Qatar joined the family business. In the year 1970 Qatar attained its full statehood after enacting a provisional Constitution. Thereafter, with its vast reserves of Oil and Natural Gas, State of Qatar was on the threshold of an Industrial revolution. Shk. Hamad foresaw the all-out development which was going to take place in Qatar in the future, especially in the field of Construction. He felt the need to establish a Construction Company in the National sector by which he can contribute his share in the Industrial and Economic progress of the Country. Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company was thus established in the year 1970 to undertake all types of Civil Construction Works in the State of Qatar. In course of time other independent Companies were established according to the opportunities and needs of the state and gave the HBK Group a multidisciplinary dimension. Over the years Group executed many of the prestigious projects in the state for various public and private clients notably Qatar General Petroleum Corporation and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture.

Apart from being an astute businessman Shk. Hamad was a kindhearted gentleman and a great philanthropist. He took special interest in the welfare of his employees, about 7000 of them, Qatar Nationals, expatriates from U.K., Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Greece, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia. He was very particular that the workers are provided with good and safe living and working environment and they are paid their dues in time.

Shk. Hamad passed away in 1992 after a brief illness and thereafter the mantle of this great Qatari Entrepreneur has fallen on the shoulders of his equally illustrious Sons who carry on the business with the same spirit and dedication, as their father.